Ben Sloat

In his evolving exhibit Itinerant, Ben Sloat presents various projections in animated loops he calls “GIF Murals.” Sourced online from a variety of public sources, the projections present an uncanny engagement with time and the juxtapositions of cultural imagery. Over the course of several weeks, work in this exhibition will be in perpetual change; a roving community of itinerant images.

About the Artist
Over the last ten years, many of Ben Sloat’s projects have used the aspects of the everyday as a base for creating works with shifting cultural and social meanings. Quite a few of these projects have been site specific, allowing for the context of a location to become a significant aspect in defining the work. Cultural vocabulary is often used as a medium in his work, oscillating between an intimately personal voice and a larger societal one. In a larger sense, Sloat sees the capacity of artworks to offer a new approach in terms of amplifying existing social and cultural conditions.

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