Blakelee Pieroni

Interworlding is a solo exhibition by NYC-based artist Blakelee Pieroni. The exhibition features a collection of works that were conceptualized and born during the Covid-19 pandemic. Blakelee uses large-scale canvases and immersive media to express a variety of reactions within this unprecedented time; ultimately demanding the viewer to question their role, their participation, and their observations in correlation to the work in front of them. The artist believes that by constructing abstract displays of current events, rational thought and moral obligations will not only be challenged but changed.

About the Artist 

Blakelee Pieroni is an NYC-based immersive media artist, dancer, and art creator. Life’s experiences and passions recur as themes within her collections of work: Love, Despair, Nature, Culture, Posthuman Feminism, and Betrayal. She attended Marymount Manhattan for a bachelor’s degree in dance media, where she also trained in oil painting and photography. Pieroni has previously choreographed for Marymount Manhattan’s Dancers. She held a residency at m.t Burton gallery and was recognized as m.t Burton Galleries artist choice for the 2021 season in Bay Magazine. Pieroni was a part of the first “Every Woman Biennial” NFT exhibit with SuperChief Gallery which was featured in Time Out New York. Currently, she is in the process of launching her first 10k collectible NFT collection that serves as a running social commentary on current events.

For more information about Blakelee Pieroni, visit the website and follow her on Instagram.

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Jul 22, 2022 6:00pm-8:00pm
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