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Curator turned Gallerist Dickinson showcases artworks by working and emerging Painters, Sculptors, Art Photographers and Mixed Media Artists in a group exhibition to demonstrate how art reflects and responds during times of dramatic social influences. View the artists points of view and their minds availability to realize the unforeseen current events during these times. This inaugural exhibition is historic in many ways. View the compelling forces of contemporary history, it will repeat itself and there will be artists to record it in the future.

About the Debbie Dickinson Gallery

Debbie Dickinson established her art experience with over 70 art shows promotions and curation throughout New York, The Hampton’s, Palm Beach, Wynwood and Art Basel Week in Miami Beach. Her efforts have been recognized by Chashama to launch the initial location of the gallery. Historic for most of the 1970s’ through the 90s’, Dickinson traveled the globe working with the top international artists and fashion designers by representing their work as consultant, curation and promotion of major projects. This will mark the second chapter for her in the arts as she has a legendary international super modeling career as photographer muse. The gallery will be known for showing a balance of post-modern masters, working and emerging artists. She also exhibits at major art fairs.

For more information on Debbie visit her website and follow her on Instagram.

About the Artists

Although shaped by memory, Bryan LeBoeuf’s work springs from his imagination. He then borrows from the visual world to give it authenticity. Traditional compositions incorporate meticulously painted surfaces and lighting effects informed by European masters. His tightly controlled technique, representational subject matter and subtly manipulated compositions create a through-the-looking-glass illusion, removing barriers between viewers and the images.

For more information on Bryan visit his website and follow him on Instagram.

Curtis Wallin is a polymath American artist whose art spans everything from painting, sculpture and public art to scenic design. During his career, Wallin’s art has been featured in The Channel Gardens at Rockefeller Center in NYC, sculptures and garden design at the Thomas Cole House in Catskill NY, where his painting was chosen for a commemorative card set, and with the San Francisco Opera.

For more information on Curtis visit his website and follow him on Instagram.

David Hostetler is an American wood carver, sculptor, painter, jazz musician and Professor Emeritus at Ohio University. His career—spanning 67 years—has focused on the feminine form in exotic and Native American hardwoods that translated into bronze sculptures and paintings. He saw a female form in the trees while walking through his woods and with the sound of his mallet striking a metal gouge, transformed those ancient trees into women. This world, unique unto itself, is the world created by David L. Hostetler.

For more information on David visit his website and follow him on Instagram.

Iran Issa Khan transitioned from photographing beautiful people and celebrities in national and international magazines to flowers and objects of nature. Her photographic work has captured the sensuality of flowers, tropical plants, seashells and numerous flora and fauna objects, immediately translating their natural beauty into sensuous art forms.

For more information on Iran visit her website and follow her on Instagram.

Evan Sebastian Lagache is an abstract-futuristic artist that works with many different mediums including acrylic, oil, ink, fire, graphite, collage and digital manipulation to produce evocative works. His art is in part a response to the urban environment and explores themes that touch upon humanity’s relationship to technology, nature and the cosmos. His color palettes are inspired by the energy of the city, from the bustling of subway tracks, to the sound of a jazz band in the park, to societal thought. The ever-changing streets never cease to spark creativity for this emerging artist.

For more information on Evan follow him on Instagram.

Tatiana Lisovskaya shares her vision of beauty while perilous news flashes on her TV and she receives multiple distant phone calls from her home in Kiev. In November 2021, she was invited to exhibit at the Water Club for the “Healing for Heroes” charity that donates support canines to Veterans recovering from post-traumatic stress disorder. In December of 2020 she was selected by the curator, Rodrigo Salomon of the Salomon Art Gallery, to show her paintings at the Norwood Arts Club in “Harriet” (in honor of Harriet Tubman).

For more information on Tatiana follow her on Instagram.

Kristy Gordon received a BFA from the Ontario College of Art and Design in 2011 and an MFA from The New York Academy of Art in 2013 before exhibiting her work in solo and group exhibitions throughout Canada, the United States, Europe and China at venues including the European Museum of Modern Art in Barcelona and the National Academy Museum. As a three-time recipient of the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Grant, her work has won numerous awards and honors. She has received several residencies around the world (in China and Italy) and has apprenticed with Odd Nerdrum in Norway and France. Gordon’s work and art writing have been featured in The Artist’s Magazine, International Artist and Fine Art Connoisseur.

For more information on Kristy visit her website and follow her on Instagram.

Born and raised in New York City, Michael Martin is a classically trained musician with little to no formal training in art. His foray into art over the past two years has yielded bold abstract works that explore the dualities of chaos and order. He recently exhibited at the Spiti Costa gallery in Greenpoint.

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