I'm Just Tired
Leah Lane

I’m Just Tired is a campy exploration of the anthropomorphization of depression a.k.a. the depression monster. Artist Leah Lane says,  “It is a beast many may be familiar with, although, anyone experiencing mental distress has a unique monster of their own. Even after escaping a depressive episode, one can meet incredible difficulty, especially when trying to explain exactly what occurred. Were you just tired? Did you just lose your appetite? Did you just suddenly feel the urge to eat an entire pizza in one sitting?” Leah Lane, explores ideas about depression through “Dee”, a monster that leaves behind a tyrannical infestation of pink fur, glitter, and mockery, wherever it roams. Through the use of multimedia sculpture and installation, the artist explores the many ways in which “Dee” oozes in and out of daily life.

About the Artist
Leah Lane is a NYC based artist. She is a rising senior at NYU Tisch School of the Arts and just completed her final year at the Atlantic Acting School. She has performed at the Watermill Center for over 5 years and has exhibited work at various locations throughout New York City.

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