Identities in Thread
Sebastien Courty

Textile has long been an essential component of the human experience since the beginning of civilization. Fascinated by the diversity of craftsmanship and versatility textiles offer, Sebastien Courty’s art is in principle a decorative art approach. The play of texture, material and colour permits him to reinvent his craft through traditional and ancient techniques such as hand weaving or thread-drawing. He aspires to move the viewers by creating an emotion and a feeling through his creations.

Textiles transcend dimensions where “Design” encounters “Art” in a prospective muse. Not limited to fibers, his work encompasses any materials that allow hand woven methods inter alia to invent contemporary textile art.

In the collection “Totem – A Wall’s Jewelry”, Courty takes his inspiration from the culture, natural resources and commercial activities of a specific country. The artist creates a unique artwork by selecting rare, precious, and unexpected components; from 24k gold to silver threads, rubber and copper wires. Aesthetically pleasing, his work is an invitation to travel and discover parts of the world one has yet to explore. Each textile panel becomes a reflection of the country, region or any subject selected.

The artist’s concept offers unlimited possibilities. Adapting his research and proposals to any inspiration, space and budget, Sebastien Courty works with a clear consciousness of environmental challenges. Using recycled elements and sourcing supplies from fair trades, his artworks are a thoughtful approach to the question of sustainability.

About the Artist

Originally from France, Sebastien Courty grew up surrounded by handcraft and art at an early age in Portugal and Italy. He attended the National Art School of Paris as a multidisciplinary artist. Based in New York City since 2012, Courty graduated from the renowned “Fashion Institute of Technology” in Textile and Surface Design.

Sebastien Courty quickly connected “Art” with “Design” and created a concept embodying both, using materials and components reflecting a demand, requirement, and budget for a specific project. The artist can work with rare and prestigious materials such as gemstones or precious metals, but also recycled and durable materials such as aluminum or polyurethane threads.

He founded his own “Textile Art Studio” back in 2018 in Chelsea, NYC. Throughout his career, Courty worked with masters in the industry, which brought him around the four corners of the globe, helping creative and design teams achieve their goals and projects. With his decorative approach and concept, Courty designs handwoven panels and thread-drawing artworks for interior designers, private collectors as well as foundations and governmental institutions.

Emphasizing the “MADE IN USA” the artist collaborates and works for diverse projects throughout the US, embellishing both private and public spaces. Courty exhibited his work all around the world, including Paris, New York, Beijing and Dubai. His collection of textile wall hangings called “Totem – A Wall’s Jewelry” has been acclaimed and collected internationally.

For more information on Sebastien and his work visit his website and follow him on Instagram.

Sebastien is located in Gallery 5

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