Lola June
presented by Pajtim Osmanaj

Lola June, 2 years old, is a very bright-eyed and genuine spirit. “I first noticed her drawings using marker on paper and was in awe of her perfect abstract composition in my mind,” curator Pajtim Osmanaj explains. “She caught my attention and I wanted to help her explore with more mediums such as acrylics and pastels on canvas. In a very short time she created a large amount of artwork which had then grabbed attention of others who compared her work to other modern abstract artists.”

In curating a show of Lola June’s work, Osmanaj says “I intend to show people how pure and simple art can really be. I believe it is not always necessary to have years of experience to create. With Lola’s art I want to create a show which makes people to question their selves and the difference between a master painter and a young child.”

About Pajtim Osmanaj
Born and raised in Istog, Kosovo, in 1990, Osmanaj attended the Art Academy of Kosovo to study painting before immigrating to New York, NY in 2013. In addition to his painting practice, Osmanaj has continued to investigate material, and the narrative that it inherently imbues upon a work.

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