Hockenberry's Abstracts
Andrew Hockenberry

Hockenberry’s Abstracts is a collection of abstract art work created by Andrew Hockenberry. He uses a process of abstraction and figurative drawing that incorporates an intuitive and improvisational application of paint to surface. Utilizing all of his resources, Hockenberry stretches his own work and hand builds his frames, creating works of obscure sizes. He uses recycled paper for his figure drawings, all materials are used thoughtfully not to be wasted.

Each piece is original, incorporating new and different techniques, keeping the freedom of expression alive with no rules. A self taught painter, Hockenberry comes from a background of Eagle Scouts, Fire Fighting and the National Guard, leading him to create his art with structure. He uses music as the backdrop for his process, creating a feeling of rhythm in his art work.

About the Artist
Andrew Hockenberry began painting in 2002 after moving to Denver, Colorado. A self taught artist, he learned to build frames and stretch canvas, an important part of his process. He manipulates and re-purposes traditional and alternative materials to create balance in his abstract paintings. While working from his subconscious, every mark is deliberate and applied to the rhythm of music. Having moved to New York City to pursue his art professionally, Hockenberry continues to explore the boundaries of materials and mark-making.

For more information about Andrew visit his website at https://www.hockenberrystudio.com/ or follow him on Instagram.

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