Here, There, and in Between: Voices from Yemen and Haiti

Presented by Makan, Here, There, and in Between: Voices from Yemen and Haiti is a group exhibition co-curated by Ibi Ibrahim and Sabrina Greig, featuring the works of the following artists: Asim Abdulaziz, Alain Lescouflair, Arif Alnomay, Zarita Zevallos, Abeer Aref, Lamar Robillard, Ingrid Nelson, Ahmed al-Abbadi, Philomène Joseph, Wilky Douze, Angelaure Saint Louis, Somaya Abdualla, Jean Paul Saint Fleur, Amr Attamimi, Phalonne Pierre Louis, and Mymara Prophète.

Here, There, and In Between explores the complexities of diasporic identities in flux and provides access to original artwork from contemporary creative communities in Yemen, Haiti, and their diasporas. The exhibition celebrates the artistic and cultural exchange of artists originating from countries in conflict, abundant societies that continue to evolve past legacies of colonialism and present-day socio-political realities.

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About the Curators

Ibi Ibrahim of Yemeni descent and Sabrina Greig of Haitian-American descent spotlight artists from these two communities to provide control over their own narratives. The exhibition features artists from Yemen-focused non-profit Makan and Haiti-based nonprofit FotoKonBit in collaboration with artists working and residing in New York and Chicago.


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