Good Deeds Giveaway
Church of Good Deeds

The secular Church of Good Deeds will be collecting donations all morning and giving away all afternoon, gently-used clothing, shoes, and housewares – free to all. Attendees are encouraged to take as many things as they would like.

The Good Deeds Giveaway is both interactive art and charity; an opportunity to help and to be helped.

Those who can give, give.

Those who need, take.

About the Church of Good Deeds
The Church of Good Deeds is a deity- and dogma-free charity founded in 2017 by Leon Feingold and Yuanyuan Wang.

One week after their engagement in October 2016, the couple learned that Yuan had terminal metastatic cancer. Friends and strangers alike rallied to their side with donations, pulled strings, called-in favors. Yuan was admitted to Memorial Sloan-Kettering for treatment because “someone knew someone.” Her family was flown in immediately from China, all red tape cut by the offices of Senator Chuck Schumer and Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy, and hosted in a donated apartment.

Within two weeks of her diagnosis, Leon and Yuan were married in a gifted venue before nearly 300 guests with hundreds more watching online. After exchanging vows, they promised to find a way to give back to others as others had given to them. Two months later, the Church of Good Deeds was incorporated as a not-for-profit in New York State. Two months after that, on March 18 2017, Yuanyuan passed away.

The mission of the Church of Good Deeds is to create a worldwide movement encouraging faith in people. Those who believe in the power of people to create miracles are Altruists; the Church of Good Deeds, and its offshoot The House of Good Deeds, provide Altruists with tangible opportunities to help others. They hope to build a global community where every person practices and is motivated by a belief in Altruism.

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