American Liberty Ballet

Be there when American Liberty Ballet presents their production of Giselle—the tale of a handsome suitor who toys with the heart of a naive peasant girl. After a tragic betrayal, dark enchantment unfolds in the land of the Wilis. In other words: There’s a killer party, someone gets dumped, then zombie girls try to dance a guy to death. Director Valerie Mae Browne has created challenging new choreography for this 19th Century Romantic classic, staying true to the athleticism and virtuosity of the classical form, but including dancers of all shapes, ages and backgrounds. The final performances will be at Anita’s Way.

About American Liberty Ballet
American Liberty Ballet is a New York City- and New Jersey-based company, exploring the realm of Vehicular Ballet. In Vehicular Ballet, anything and any body may be used to portray an idea while still paying homage to the athleticism and virtuosity of the classic form. American Liberty Ballet intends to revolutionize the public perception of ballet here in NYC and eventually, the world! ALB looks forward to sharing their vision and love of dance with many audiences to come.


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