Generating Peace Within:
Calligraphy & Tea

Pencilnyc Studio

The TeaHouse presented by Pencilnyc Studio is a multimodal workshop and storefront space. They will be offering weekly tea and calligraphy classes.

Both the artist and each individual participant complete a tea and calligraphy ritual in silence. The ritual may conjure up any corner in the world while artist and participant collectively create an ephemeral space of retreat, stillness, and awareness; in this space, they can do nothing and be nothing. Thus, the artistically designed tea hut acts as a shelter from the mundane world. The Teahouse and surrounding design are there to serve the viewers’ visual and inner peace and to create a path to the zazen practice of releasing one’s grip on the world and “opening the hand of thought.”

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About the Artist:

Ines Sun, director of Pencilnyc Studio, was born and raised in Taiwan with a strong Chinese heritage. She grew up with Chinese brush paintings of flowers and birds surrounding her household, and her grandfather practiced Chinese calligraphy. Later, her father continued the calligraphy practice after her grandfather passed away. Sun has followed the tradition and made calligraphy a part of her art practice. Sun came to New York City for her Master’s Degree at NYU in 1992 and enrolled at the Art Students League of New York for Oil Painting in 1995. Later she went to the Chinese Academy of Art to study Chinese calligraphy and brush painting in 2007. Before her trip to China, she pioneered tea culture in New York City and ran a successful and beloved tea business, Wild Lily Tea Room, in Chelsea for ten years. The New York Times food writer Florence Fabricant first introduced Sun’s endeavor and called it “a serene oasis.” Sun published her autobiography, 5.4 Luck, in Taiwan and exhibited the Lotus oil painting series for the first time in her home country. She works and lives with her family in Brooklyn.

For more information about the artist, visit her website and follow her on Instagram.


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