FreeThe Entertainment Presents: Believe In Ghost! & Ryan Yingst
Believe In Ghost! & Ryan Yingst

Ryan Yingst, traveling artist out of Nashville is stopping by New York for the week and playing several shows to show off some of the new songs he’s working on.

Believe In Ghost! is an indie rock band that’s preparing a stripped-down version of their set, exclusively for Anita’s Way. Together, their shows will reflect some of what FreeThe’s output currently is and what the two acts are working on at the moment. As working musicians, both Ryan & BIG! have plenty of shows on the horizon, we hope to showcase a piece of this in our residency at Anita’s Way.

For more information on FreeThe Entertainment, visit their website and follow them on Instagram.

Believe In Ghost! is an indie-alt-rock band who have released several EPs, a YouTube special, and countless reels. They are currently writing their debut album.

For more information on Believe In Ghost!, follow them on Instagram.

Ryan Yingst is a performer, songwriter and producer cycling through genres of folk, rock, soul and pop with a wide range of influences drawing from years of touring and study. Currently based in Nashville Tennessee, he has performed across the country in venues of all sizes with a variety of instrumentations supporting his songwriting.

For more information on Ryan Yingst, follow him on Instagram.

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