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Chloe Moon

Artist Statement
Chloe Moon makes paintings and collages by combining representative and abstract images. Nature is her primary source for figurative images as animals, botanicals, different forms of water, night sky, and lights continue to make appearance in most works. Her aim is not to give narrative but to evoke a mood by playing with pictorial field. She enjoys placing seemingly unrelated images in the same plane to transport the viewer to a fantasy evoking new dimension. As images are taken out of context and boundaries blurred, familiar defamiliarized, there is tension between ambiguousness and literalness, reality and surreality. Chloe incorporates a painting style of playful yet methodic to further accentuate this idea of sensualness and its limit is pushed with the selection of materials. Acrylic, oil, paper, glitter, and other objects are layered and combined and in whole, the work attempts to be a hybrid of innocent and gentle with eerie and brutal.

Artist Bio
Chloe Moon is from South Korea and is currently residing in New York. She received her MFA from Pratt Institute and a BFA in Painting from Herberger College of Fine Arts.

For more information, visit her website at and follow her on Instagram  @chloe_moon_artist.

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