Fish Outta Water
Johanna Aenderl

Fish Outta Water is a solo exhibition by the artist Johanna Aenderl, showcasing her large-scale trace monotype drawings and animated shorts. Full of texture and spontaneous mark-making, the work is representational. Through observed drawings and found objects, this series is rooted in places intimately known to the artist (Brooklyn and Midwestern wetlands). Aenderl’s work attends to the nonhuman world in these places by noticing the details, changes, and relationships. By merging observational drawing with metaphor, these composites highlight the impact and reliance humanity has on the natural world.

About the Artist

Johanna Aenderl is an emerging artist working in drawing and animation. Originally from Minnesota, she moved to New York over a decade ago. She has collaborated on projects with artists in other disciplines; creating art for a local musician and images for filmmakers. She is also a teaching artist. In 2020, she completed a Masters in Fine Arts. Her work has been included in group shows throughout the Northeast; including shows at Ethan Cohen KuBE, Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition, Equity Gallery, Chashama Space to Present, and Cape Cod Museum of Art. She has a studio with Chashama in Brooklyn, NY.

For more information about Johanna visit her website and follow her on Instagram.

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