Family, who are you?
Pascale Lafay

Family, who are you? is an exhibition of 404 pictures and one video. Pascale Lafay places herself in front of projected photographies from her family’s photo-albums and by extension into those memories. Inserting oneself in an image changes the story. Even constrained by the subjects, sliding physically in her past is an experiment…inevitably unwarranted, again and again, she’s creating a space for herself in the picture.

About Pascale Lafay
Pascale Lafay collaborated with or was exhibited by Andrée Putman, Thierry Mugler, Nina Ricci, Christian Dior, Christian Boltanski, Annette Messager, Garouste & Bonneti, among others. In parallel, as an actress and writer, she wrote and acted in a theater play, wrote scenarios, acted in music videos, TV shows, feature films and was a jury member at the Bastia Film Festival. She is now focused exclusively on Photography and Video. She blends projections in her visual art where she often models in. Pascale’s work was shown in numerous personal and collective exhibitions in Belgium, France, Switzerland, the U.K and the USA. Recipient of the Villa Médicis hors les murs and FRAC grants, as well as the AVIFF prize for her Ouvre Les Yeux video, Pascale currently carries on her projections in the USA where she lives as a “Alien of Exceptional Ability”.

For more information about Pascale and her work, please visit her website at and follow her on Facebook and Instagram.


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