Everything & Nothing at All
Barak Chamo

Materials for the Arts presents Everything and Nothing at All, an exhibition of new work by Artist-in-Residence Barak Chamo.

In his new body of work, New Media artist Barak Chamo (b. 1990) attempts to embody the challenges of living in an invisibly despotic digital age. His practice investigates technology’s material and spatial presence, relation and control of the body, inner function, (re)production, and eventual obsolescence. His sculptural systems and digital portraits appear as assessments of human interaction with technology that push automation and replication to absurd, yet alarmingly familiar, extremes.

Chamo’s works on view were created during his residency at Materials for the Arts, New York’s largest center for creative reuse. Collecting found objects, new and dated technology, he appropriated, animated and reconstituted pieces in the creation of video and kinetic sculpture. His time at MFTA’s center and studio inspired not only new critical insights but a commitment to a continued sustainable artistic-technical practice.

About the Artist:

Barak Chamo is a New-York based New Media artist. His work he reflects upon the challenges of living in a ever-changing digital age and explores the tenuous relationship between technology and society. His practice spans digital installation and sculptural systems that are inspired by the material and spatial presence of technology in daily life. Chamo graduated from New York University’s Interactive Telecommunications Program and is a faculty member at the School of Visual Art’s Interaction Design program. His work has been shown in exhibitions and festivals around the world including the Ravenna Museum of Fine Art, Currents New Media and Haifa Museum of Art.

For more information on Barak’s work visit his website and follow him on Instagram.

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