Eulogy for New York City
Alex Brook Lynn

Eulogy for a City is a multimedia installation by Alex Brook Lynn, exploring the banal discussions around whether or not NYC is “dead.” Alex asserts that New York has, in fact, died thousands if not millions of times, only to sprout and bloom again. Using photography, found materials, sculpture, and sound, Alex creates an environment mimicking the many layers of urban texture specific to NYC, while personally recorded eulogies for the city play as a soundtrack to the cinematic visuals. Brook Lynn asserts, “The city died for me so many times. It died when my brother died, and again when I stopped drinking. A version of it died when I got married, and when I had my son. So many New Yorks, some of mine and some I just watched, perished again and again, only to be rethatched every time.” Alex Brook Lynn and her partner Adam Levy have created a piece of video art touring the history of the many times New York was proclaimed “dead,” featuring archival footage. The duo will also broadcast a constant discussion with New York characters throughout the run of the show on the topic of life, death, and rebirth in this city (aired as part of the FAQ.NYC podcast).

About the artist:

Alex Brook Lynn grew up in New York City, and currently bathes her newborn son in the same porcelain sink in which she herself was bathed. She has watched generations of pigeons from a 25 year old nest cradled on an adjacent sill outside of her window. She has created such immersive shows as Don’t Bury The Lead: a History of Print Journalism in NYC (featured in the New York Times) and Thirst, a pop up story-telling and art event started in her converted tenement apartment, where she used her own walls to create the sculpture “Ode to Urban Texture.” As a journalist, she produces a podcast called FAQ.NYC, and has written and photographed for The Daily Beast, The New York Daily News, Vice, The New York Press, and The New York Sun.

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