Echo's Answer
Kate Butler

Echo’s Answer is an exhibition of drawings, ceramic sculptures and lighting by Brooklyn-based artist Kate Butler. Bridging the visual and the tactile, the works that comprise the show speak to the mystic interdependence of natural and creative forces, invoked through the hand’s contact with the physical surfaces of paper or clay. Central to the exhibition are a series of sculptures inspired by clouds, whose movement and lyricism usher from Butler’s intuitive dialogue with clay. These, like Butler’s drawings, reference brief encounters with natural world, speaking to the desire to physically connect with that which is most fleeting. 

With Echo’s Answer, Butler’s mediums act as resonant surfaces akin to a canyon wall: physical planes against which the human voice finds its place within the immensity of nature. Analogies to sound recur through many of the works on view: in the waves of the cloud-inspired sculptures, the percussive pen marks by which Butler composes drawings and in the volumes of space wrapped within a number of sculptures and lighting, creating echo chambers of sorts for reverberations of form.

In addition to sculptures and lighting priced for sale, a collection of ceramic cups, designed for ergonomics and play, are available for purchase. On January 15, the gallery will host a mystical performance of live music featuring Miles Hewitt and Alena Spanger.

About the Artist:

Kate Butler is an artist and educator living in Brooklyn, NY. She received her MFA in Fine Arts and MS in Art History from the Pratt Institute in 2019, her BA in Studio Art and English from the College of Charleston in 2014, and has also studied at the Marchutz School in Aix-en-Provence, France. She has attended residencies at Odyssey Clayworks and AndersonRanch Art Center. Her art has been exhibited at Site:Brooklyn, HeadHi and Stockholm Independent Film Festival in addition to in stores that carry her ceramics. Last year, Steven Harvey Fine Arts Projects published a catalogue essay she wrote for the gallery’s show on ceramic sculptor Stanley Rosen, Shaping Space.

For more information on Kate and her work visit her website and follow her on Instagram.

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