Drums, Drones, & The Electronique
Matt Bent

Drums, Drones & The Electronique is a two-part sonic exploration, wherein the musicians and audience members take conscience that the ears function as microphones and are linked to the eyes and hands. Audiences are invited to embrace the spirit of improvisation and its capacity for surprise. On his personal connection with his craft, Artist Matt Bent has cited an early childhood memory when he stole his mom’s pots and pans and drummed on them with wooden spoons, “I’d try to find the ones that produced the most unusual sounds. I think my long-lasting relationship with the hand-struck drum strongly informs the joy I find in noise and soundwave manipulation when using electronics or composing.” Repertoire will range from ambient drone to original, deconstructed pop songs and more.

About the Artists:  

Matt Bent is a music producer, drummer, songwriter, and DJ. His artwork blends the sounds of pop music, music concréte, punk rock, and free Jazz. His approach to sound design oscillates across an aerated, extensive pool of raw materials and wave synthesis. After studying jazz percussion & contemporary music at The Eastman School of Music, Bent moved to Brooklyn, NY, where he was heavily involved in the improvised and underground music scene. All About Jazz once described his percussive performance as “an insane cacophony of drumming.” As a producer and live instrumentalist, he tours regularly with artists such as Beshken, Kopps, BRAHIM!, among others. Bent is a co-founder, artistic curator, and producer at Studio 5950, a music studio and party series showcasing eclectic music and immersive audiovisual performances in Ridgewood, NYC. His debut solo album is set to be released in early 2022.

For more information about Matt Bent, visit his website and follow him on Instagram.

Tyrone Allen, also known as Ty000, is a musician based in Brooklyn, New York. Most recently, Tyrone has performed around the globe with Jazzmeia Horn and Laurin Talese. He also has performed and recorded with Rodney Green for the project, Jackson MillerHe plays with Ralph Peterson in Raph Peterson Fo-tet, Terri-Lynne Carrington, George Garzone, Jerry Bergonzi, Sullivan Fortner, David Kikoski, and Wayne Escoffrey to name a few, making an impact on the NYC jazz scene. He graduated from Berklee College of Music and studied Classical and Jass music at Eastman School of Music under James VanDemark and Jeff Campbell. 

For more information about Tyrone Allen, visit his website and follow him on Instagram.

Abe Nouri is a producer, composer, lyricist, and multi-instrumentalist. Currently, he works on his eclectic solo project Cheb Brahim. He also has worked on ensembles and group creative projects, including The Saplings, BRAHIM!, and Harpsichord Kush. Abe’s music is rooted in his multicultural background. From a very early age, he has been exposed to a variety of music genres from four-part hymns, jazz improvisation, old time festivals, and popular and avant-garde music of the day. 

For more information about Abe Nouri, visit his website and follow him on Instagram. 

Ben Shirken, also known as Beshken, is a multi-instrumentalist, producer, and DJ based in New York. Shirken played with bands like Men I Trust, Crum, and he recently toured with Gus Dapperton. In New York, he performed at hallowed venues like Palisades, Elsewhere, and the no-closed Cameo Gallery. Shirken grew up in L.A. and was influenced by artists like Shloho, Teebs, and Flying Lotus. In L.A., he was a part of the group Partytime, remixing Corbin (Spooky Black), and Ryan Hemsworth. The duo performed with artists such as Sucideyear, Karman, Girl Pool, and Groundislava at The Smell, Pehrspace, and other art spaces around L.A.  

For more information about Ben Shirken, visit his Sound Better page and follow him on Spotify. 

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