Dreswel - Trunk Show
Daryl Wright

Dreswel – Trunk Show is an introduction to a custom clothing brand. The public is invited to see sample garments, browse through a collection of luxurious fabrics, and get fitted for a bespoke suit. Dreswel’s suits are made from a full canvas suit structure. Suit dimensions are entirely bespoke from the body shape of the customer. The suit making process includes the construction of a disposable test suit to confirm customers’ measures before the production of a final product. Suits are made of the highest-quality Italian fabrics and their suppliers are trained by Savile-Row tailors, the most prestigious traditional bespoke tailoring.

About the Business Owner:

Daryl Wright is a highly experienced menswear professional with over 6 years in the men’s-suit industry. Has worked for five of the top custom tailoring companies in NYC, transitioning into several key roles and becoming familiar with all aspects of men’s tailoring. A classic menswear enthusiast with an eye for detail and an appreciation for modern style, finding joy in creating perfectly fitting garments for every client.

To learn more about Daryl visit his website or follow them on Instagram.

Dreswel’s Trunk Show is part of Chashama’s Storefront Startup program, which is made possible by our partnership with the NYC Department of Small Business Services.

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Monday: 10am-7pm
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