Do write [right] to me
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Uncool Artist collective has invited its associated artists to think about the idea of remote communication, asking questions, and proposing action. In this sense, the group exhibition Do write [right] to me involves reactivating the “Mail Art network” that was of utmost importance during the 60s and 70s in Latin America. The exhibition also parallels present times calling into question the sense of what is remote, of isolation, the use of technology to maintain human connection, and its threats to democracy.

The word “DO” in the exhibition’s title is a homage to Sol LeWitt’s famous letter to Eva Hesse and how this letter inspired the name of ‘Uncool Artist.’ In this letter, LeWitt encourages Hesse to dump her worries and just DO, “Don’t worry about cool, make your own uncool.” In this case, DO is also an encouragement to the public to act and engage with the artists. The request to write is a direct reference to the Uncool Artist philosophy of collaboration through multiple locations. The inclusion of the word ‘right’ in the title offers the alternative to read it as ‘DO right to me,’ as in Bob Dylan’s song (1978), a sort of hymn to living life doing right unto others. In this case, artists and audiences will be doing ‘right’ to each other through their interaction.

There are 20 participating artists based in different cities in the country, many of them originally from Brazil, Latin America and the US.

The participating artists are Mariana Battistelli, Bella Cardim, Geovana Côrtes, Camila Crivelenti, Danielle Cukierman, Carin Dangot, Mark Engel, Fernanda Froes, Tuca Chicalé Galvan, Mariana Guardani, Gabrielle Guido, Erica Iassuda, Juliano Mazzuchini, Henrique Montagne, Rodrigo Pimenta, Debora Rayel Eva, Thais Ribeiro, Hanz Ronald, Laura Villareal, and Ana Zequin.

About Uncool Artist: 

Uncool Artist is an independent artist collective based in Brooklyn, NY, with an extensive network in Brazil and growing in the US, created, and led by artist and educator Carolina Paz.  They aim to produce critical and creative knowledge that seeks to empower subjectivities, create new communities, and transform social structures to be more inclusive, embracing human diversity. Uncool Artist is a result of 20 years of experience in distance education in Brazil that has been applied to contemporary art teaching since 2010. Uncool Artist offers customized remote and in-person learning experiences with the most up-to-date technologies and methodologies to create a prolific environment for its participants.

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Ana Roman is a curator based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. She focuses on Contemporary Art and is currently part of the curatorial team for the Sao Paulo Biennial 2021

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Dainy Tapia is a cultural practitioner based in Miami and the creator of ArtSeen365, a digital platform for promoting the visual arts in Miami and South Florida.

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