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Dissemination is a work that features 5,178 wearable components. Noelle Wiegand’s art seeks to stimulate an emotional response, similar to that which one might experience in a remarkable place. In the past, when Wiegand experienced this sensation, she would pick up a stone or a piece of organic matter from the site. Now, Wiegand wants her audience to experience her interactive installation, and take a component with them.

This installation was designed with the intention of being disseminated over time. In fact, this installation will not be complete until each and every element is plucked from the surface and taken to a new home. Every piece that is acquired will be disseminated, signed, and editioned by the artist. Once an element is removed from the installation, Wiegand tracks the latitude and longitude of where it will live. This data is plotted on a map accessible to all who choose to follow the project.

Anyone who would like to contribute to this project is invited to visit Wiegand’s website at noellewiegand.com, contact the artist at noellewiegand@gmail.com to purchase a wearable pin, and view the interactive map.

Dissemination is presented as a part of the inaugural New York City Jewelry Week.

About Noelle Wiegand
Noelle Wiegand graduated from Ball State University with degrees in Metals, Glass, and Art History in 2017. Upon graduation, Wiegand relocated to New York City. She has been an active member of the Society of North American Goldsmiths, Glass Art Society, and the Academic Association of Museums and Galleries. Her work has won awards in both National and International exhibitions. She has been a visiting lecturer, has taught, and has assisted workshops. Wiegand  is currently on the New York City Jewelry Week team as the head of Programming and Partner Development, utilizing her interest in all facets of the jewelry industry and her personal desire to support expansion of NYCJW’s diverse programming agenda. She currently lives and works in Queens, NY.

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