Nicolas Sanin

Dice-dalas features eight paintings by Colombian artist Nicolas Sanin. According to the artist, the paintings included in Dice-dalas are “a series of parallel universes of colors created by an algorithmic game of chance.” Sanin intends to challenge peoples’ bias when choosing colors for aesthetic purposes through how he makes paintings. Eight 30-sided dice were rolled one hundred and seventy times to make each work in the show. Sanin assigned different colors to each number on the die and painted each compartmentalized section of the canvas with the color chosen by one roll of a dice. The artist describes the paintings created through this process of chance as “perfectly ordered chaos.” Sanin’s paintings in Dice-dalas demonstrate beautiful contradictions and mysteries behind chaos, order, and chance and allow our imagination to visualize some of the infinite possibilities of color combinations that could exist.

About the Artist

Nicolas Sanin is a Colombian artist who’s now based in NYC. Nicolas previously was awarded the IILA(Latin American-Italian Institute) Photography prize in 2011 when he participated artist in residency at IILA as well as the “La Nuit” Photography category Liberation-Apaj award in 2013. Since 2005 Sanin has exhibited his work internationally, including the Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome, Galeria El Museo in Colombia, Salon Nacional de Artistas in Colombia, ARTBO(art fair of Bogota), Saint Germain Station in Paris, La Feria del Millon in Colombia, Barranquillarte(art fair of Barranquilla), The Clemente Soto Velez in New York, to name a few. Sanin’s work was published by Laguna Libros in 2011 as an interactive photographic book called “Reflex Bogota.” His photographic work has also been published in different press articles and media, including Esquire magazine Colombia, and the Colombian newspapers El Tiempo, El Espectador, and El Heraldo. He received BFA in Fine Arts at Universidad de Los Andes in Colombia and graduated from the Master’s program ITP (Interactive Telecommunications Program) at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts.

For more information about Nicolas Sanin, visit his website and follow him on Instagram.

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