Amanda Marrè Brown

Decoys is a solo exhibition of work by Amanda Marrè Brown, whose large-scale oil paintings combine transparent layers of color with subtle and precise gradients to create phenomenological depictions of architectural space. In each of the seven paintings included in the exhibition, Brown lures the viewer into a perceptual encounter with her depictions of liminal spaces: thresholds, archways, and underpasses. Using color, perspective, and scale to create a push-pull between positive and negative space, the viewer is suspended in-between, simultaneously situated and unfixed, located and dislocated. Forms reminiscent of windows and doorways offer a symbolic space to enter and pass through. Here, Brown’s formal play becomes a visual metaphor for the inseparable duality of absence and presence, interiority and exteriority, reality and escape. Like sensational portals spurred by the act of looking, the paintings in Decoys posit a two-fold reality. One in which the tangible and intangible, visible and invisible, coexist.

About the Artist

Amanda Marrè Brown is a New York-based painter. Originally from Chicago, she received her BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and her MFA from Hunter College in New York. Recent exhibitions include her solo exhibition, Gloaming in Wyoming with Gitler &_____ Gallery in Santa Barbara, CA, and After Image with Maake Magazine. Amanda was a recent resident at the Jentel Foundation in Wyoming, and a participant in Silver Art Projects Digital Residency. Her work has been featured New American Paintings. She currently works at Hunter College as an Adjunct Assistant Professor and Area Assistant to the undergraduate painting program.

For more information about Amanda Brown, visit the website and follow her on Instagram.

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