Current Work
Mark Bouthilette

Current Work is a solo exhibition by Artist Mark Bouthilette. Mark Bouthilette’s work looks to explore the relationship between the inner and outer worlds. The work is a two-part process. By working quickly in wet paint, he’s able to dive into the subconscious, and create a snap shot of that moment with all its inherent spiritual energy. Once the paint has dried – he unearths the raw marks by sanding through the myriad layers of paint much in the same way an archeologist brushes dust from a found object at an excavation site. What’s left is the physical evidence of past energy and a distinct connection between the meta-physical and the physical universe. In the same way that tantric artists discovered the double helix or the corona virus thousands of years before microscopes – Mark’s work explores the innate understanding that synapse and trees branches and topographic maps and brain scans are interconnected and essentially one in the same.

About the Artist: 

Mark Bouthilette rediscovered his childhood passion for making art while traveling extensively throughout India and South-east Asia in his twenties. Inspired by the temples and sacred sites in these countries he decided to return home after four years abroad to study painting. He received a BA in painting at San Francisco Art Institute and pursued an MFA at Bennington College before moving to New York. He current lives and works in Brooklyn with his wife and two boys.

For more information about Mark visit his website here, or follow him on Instagram.

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