Crash Doll Vintage: Welcome to the Dollhouse
Nancy Cook

Crash Doll Vintage: Welcome to the Dollhouse is a carefully curated exhibition and marketplace created by Nancy J. Cook, featuring a selection of vintage women’s clothing from the 20’s-90’s , accessories, housewares, textile art, and installation.

About the Artist: 

Nancy J. Cook is a vintage clothing business owner, seamstress, textile and installation artist, stylist, event planner, designer, and musician. She enjoys making art, planning events, curating music shows, DJ’ing and playing guitar. She has been heavily involved in the art and events scene in her local community, Maplewood, NJ. Cook has exhibited her work in local galleries such as the Pierro Gallery, 1978 Gallery, and with the Blue Scarf Art Collective, and has participated and curated for the Soma Artist Studio Tour 2017-2020. Cook recently co-created and planned a large scale vintage show in Maplewood, NJ and curates indie music shows in her town on a bi monthly basis.

For more information about Nancy and her business visit her Etsy and follow her on Instagram.

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