Cosmic Gardens
Cristina Salas

Cosmic Gardens is an exhibition by artist Cristina Salas, presenting paintings on paper inspired by the world of animals. The works are presented in a mural-like series that tell stories of imagined gardens. There are seeds like a womb and a planet, with tiny and big insects hanging from leaves and flowers where life blooms and circles. The fantastical nature of this exhibition explores our cosmic connection to the universe. The series of drawings will continue like an infinite vine through the walls, columns and floors of the gallery space in a transformational installation that will change each week. During open hours the artist will be creating drawings to share her art process with visitors.

About the Artist

Cristina Salas was born in Quito, Ecuador and has lived in many different countries such as Italy, France, Spain and Mexico. She moved to the United States in 2016 to pursue her master degree in architecture from Louisiana State University. After finishing her master degree she came to New York to work for Dameron Architecture where she collaborated in creating mosaic art installations like The Journey of the Star Nosed Mole in Carroll Hall, an event space in Brooklyn. She has also made many mosaic art installations in Quito, Ecuador for breweries and private residences. Her hiking trips and scientific readings inspire her to create intuitive art installations about fantastical stories of nature.

For more information on Cristina visit her website and follow her on Instagram.

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