Community Altar
Eternal Possessions

Community Altar is the debut solo exhibition of works by Brittany DiMauro, also known as Eternal Possessions. Showing a retrospective of works created between 2020 and present day, Brittany alchemizes her practice as a New York City street artist whose installations are often temporary and delivers her modern relics in permanent form. With materials spanning from wood to glass and canvas, Brittany, a trained decoupage artist has joyfully adorned icons from her various collections and reconceptualized them each into an activated altar. Each altarpiece is paired with a corresponding virtue; the viewer is meant to commune with the icon in order to draw this virtue into their lives through the process and may or may not leave an offering such as fresh flowers. The ethos of Brittany’s work is centralized around the idea that each person holds the knowledge and the power deep within themselves to create transformative miracles; it is simply a matter of tuning out the programming that most of us have been subjected to and tuning into ourselves. In a post pandemic landscape where many of our lives have become disjointed and our minds overwhelmed, Community Altar offers an opportunity for a moment of pause to connect with the unseen through the eyes of Eternal Possessions.

About the Artist

Brittany DiMauro is a New York City based collage artist who uses largely discarded materials to create intricate visual works made of paper and glue that delve into complex issues regarding the malleability of the mind and its exploitation through the advent of celebrity, consciously using iconography from both contemporary and ancient works of art. Conceived during the pandemic, Eternal Possessions is a trapdoor into the mind of the artist that leads the viewer into their own emotional landscape from the perspective of pop culture. Brittany has worked tenaciously as a street artist, enlarging the original works and pushing her scale into the realm of mural art. Her work can be seen in iterations as tall as ten feet across New York City.

For more information about Brittany visit her website and follow her on Instagram.


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