Laurie Rosenwald + Anders Wenngren

Not only is COLOR POP! the only title that Wenngren and Rosenwald could both agree upon, but a pretty good description of a down-to-earth sensibility missing in the art world: “It Is What It Is.” While there is an important place for challenging, subversive political art, this ain’t it. These are all painted with a sure sensibility and great skill, but—just this once—without the slightest intention of exposing the world’s problems, much less solving them. This art is a vote for beauty, for intelligence, for the sublime power of pure color. Aren’t we lucky to be able to see? Perhaps the most radical thing we can be in these dark times is cheerful.

About Laurie Rosenwald
After earning a BFA from Rhode Island School of Design, Rosenwald returned to her native Manhattan to found rosenworld, a design studio. Actually rosenworld doesn’t exist, but was launched in 1995 anyway. She also does humor writing, as well as writing which is only marginally funny. She’s done over 100 drawings for The New Yorker, designed a pirate shirt, a typeface, an animated app with David Sedaris, and an alarming assortment of other stuff. is her painting site. Rosenwald paints with hot, colored wax—in other words, encaustic: a sadly misunderstood medium, much misused by hobbyists and housewives, anyone who enjoys the smell of burning flesh. Solo painting exhibitions have included Galerie Pixi in Paris, and New York’s Parasol Projects hosted her “Paintings for Graphic Designers,” curated by John Cheim of Cheim & Read gallery.

Published writings include Enormous Blonde Herring-Scented Nauseatingly Fair-Minded Nymphomaniacs in Clogs (read here), and Mutant Bastard Yucky Colors of the Apocalypse (read here). Her most recent book is All the Wrong People have Self Esteem (Bloomsbury). She speaks Swedish like a native New Yorker, and appeared as “Woman” on “The Sopranos,” a role she was born to play. She hosts an incredibly fun and popular workshop called “How to Make Mistakes on Purpose” but still hasn’t picked a Major. She can draw circles around other people that draw circles, and claims to have won all the usual awards.

For further information about Laurie, visit her online at She may also be followed on Instagram.

About Anders Wenngren
Anders Wenngren translates the outside world into his own language made up from geometrical archetypes using unblended gouache paint on paper.

Wenngren was born in Stockholm and grew up in the south of Sweden. After studying film and theatre at Lund University he went to the Royal College of Technology in Stockholm, where he graduated as an architect. Working as such for a few years he left the profession and started to make a living as an illustrator. In 1980 he moved to New York, where he has spent the majority of his time since, doing illustrations for books, advertising, and numerous publications. A few years back he made a series of silkscreen prints inspired by a trip to Africa which were exhibited in Sweden, Austria and Japan.

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