Valentin Gatica

For some time now, Valentin Gatica has been working on a concept that seeks to create an allegory between advertising and art, using advertising resources to compose the artwork. As a child of the 90s, he was always struck by the world of consumerism, mass media, advertising, and design. Since then, Valentin has been fascinated by the signs on the streets, the labels, and the psychology behind each advertisement. As a multidisciplinary artist, creating logos, brands, and products has always been a fun and exciting process for him.

To maintain the non-literal approach that he has been cultivating for several years, Valentin has created his own language inspired by symbols, fonts, and signs from various ethnic groups. By blending the captivating elements of advertising with art, he aims to merge their beautiful features and transcend their boundaries. This exploration allows Valentin to establish a unique visual dialogue that challenges conventional notions of representation and encourages viewers to interpret the artworks in their own subjective ways.

For this exhibition, Valentin has invited two artists from Argentina. Cloe Galazzo and the creative group, Citizens of Tomorrow, will be participating adding their unique perspectives to the showcase.

About the Artists

Valentin Gatica is a multidisciplinary artist from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and now based in San Francisco. His artistic journey commenced in his mother’s studio, where he honed his creativity and imagination. After pursuing studies in Creative Advertising and Art Direction, Valentin embarked on a formal art career over a decade ago, deftly blending the realms of brands, publicity, and abstract painting, resulting in a distinctive and powerful style. His expertise lies in crafting murals for offices, restaurants, and city spaces, collaborating with renowned brands such as Nike, Absolut Vodka and Lacoste among others. While dedicating ample time to personal projects and paintings for private collectors and galleries, Valentin has showcased his art in various international locations spanning Spain, Argentina, United States, Uruguay, and Hungary.

In 2020, Valentin show his most important individual exhibition called “LEGO”, which explored the themes of the ego and the pieces that make us who we are. In 2022, showcased his second exhibition, “Co.INK,” which the artist continuing to develop today in United States. The concept “Co.INK”, play on the words “coin,” “pig,” and “ink”,  and seeks to create an allegory between the advertising and art worlds. By using marketing codes he compose abstract paintings reimagining everyday objects with a creative perspective that give room for viewers to draw their own conclusions.

For more information on Valentin visit his website and follow him on Instagram.

Cleo Galasso was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1995 & raised by a Painter, generating a great interest in the visual and corporal environment. Their current focus is the holistic study of energy, using art to delve into the cosmic connection between the universe, planets, stars, and human beings. They explore this Energy through multidisciplinary approaches such as painting, sculpture, and digital art. Starting with sculpture, they symbolize energy and discover a structure to continue their study on how energy interplays with the world, connecting the universe to all beings. Their goal is to understand the unique energy of each place as a portrait of its space. Their exploration reveals the profound interconnection of energy, fostering a deeper understanding of the universe and our place within it.

For more information on Cleo visit their website and follow them on Instagram.

Citizens of Tomorrow is a creative multidisciplinary group from Buenos Aires, Argentina made up of artists Loli Laboureau & Amanda Trosman.

For more information on Citizens of Tomorrow visit their website and follow them on Instagram.

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