Close Your Eyes and Think of There
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Azure Arts presents Close Your Eyes and Think of There featuring works from Jaynie Crimmins and Maureen R. Krinsley. The multitude of Krinsley’s and Crimmins’ abstract forms and vibrant colors prove that there are infinite ways to see. What we choose to see, either consciously or subconsciously, is arguably a choice based on experience, memory and innate senses, as well as one’s mental and emotional state. In the words of the late Robert Hughes, renowned art historian and critic, “what realism comes down to is choice”.

Imbedded in both artists’ practices is an acute consciousness of our natural world and preserving this world. Crimmins’ sculptures, made of shredded marketing materials and recycled produce containers have taken on new lives to become geometric mandalic forms. The now fragmented imagery from mass marketing materials has been re-contextualized to represent personal and cultural narratives. Krinsley, having traveled the world for decades and witnessing the progressing accumulation of humans’ waste and debris in natural ecosystems, illustrates in her abstract land and seascapes the daunting reality which once thrived.

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About the Artists

Jaynie Crimmins illuminates the power of creative transformation, ingenuity and ecological responsibility in her practice through the physical acts of deconstructing and repurposing quotidian materials.

Crimmins holds a BS from the State University College at Buffalo and MS from the College of New Rochelle, with a minor in Art Therapy. Her work has been shown at ART on PAPER NYC, and has exhibited at the Sharjah Museum of Art in the United Arab Emirates; SPRING/BREAK Art Show, NYC; Governors Island Art Fair, NYC; the National Museum of Romanian Literature in addition to museums throughout the United States including the Muscarelle Museum of Art at the College of William and Mary, VA among others.

For more information on Jaynie visit her website and follow her on Instagram.

Trained as a painter, Maureen R. Krinsley combines the media of acrylic paint, photography, pastels and encaustic wax. Her abstract landscapes have been created to view alone, or in complementary groupings of two, three, or four, based on their interrelations of form and color, and are built on the associations of memory and experience.

She received her undergraduate degree from Skidmore College in Art and her Master’s degree from Pratt Institute. She has exhibited nationally and has been on the Board of Directors of The Silvermine Guild of Artists and The New York Society of Woman Artists, and has been juried into shows and received numerous awards from esteemed leaders in the art world such as: The Emmerich Gallery, Paula Cooper Gallery, The Museum of Modern Art, The Aldrich Museum Curator of 20th Century Art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Lisa Messenger.

For more information on Maureen visit her website and follow her on Instagram.

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