Clay Cure
Nina Watkins

Clay Cure is an exhibition of functional pottery by Nina Watkins that was largely created in the past year during the lockdown at her studio in Orange County, NY while she recovered from the Coronavirus.  The goal is to slowly clear the gallery with each sale and end with an empty gallery on December 31st, the last day of the show.  Through watching the space gradually empty, Nina hopes to release the year 2020 and share with others some of the curing qualities she experienced while making the pottery.

Nina is inspired by the simplicity of the elemental ingredients that go into ceramics – earth, air, water and fire – and the value in creating functional art that is intended to be used in daily life. During the lockdown, Nina began making her own glazes with ashes from trees on her property and experimented with different firing techniques using a gas kiln. The result is a body of work that is earthy, solid, ancient-feeling and imbued with the somber qualities of the past year. In addition to displaying completed work, Nina will set up her wheel in the back of the gallery where she will actively continue to create more pottery, sharing the process of how she works.

About the Artist:

Nina Watkins studied sculpture at Bard College and creates pottery at her studio in Orange County, NY and at the Educational Alliance Art School in the Lower East Side.  Nina makes functional pottery intended for everyday use in an attempt to achieve immortality.  Although Nina knows that she cannot live forever, she feels that each piece of her pottery is an extension of herself and imagines that when friends, family, and strangers use these pieces to eat dinner or drink coffee or hold flowers, that on some level she is with them. While Nina has spent the last 30 years making art, this is her first show in a gallery.

For more information on Nina visit her website or follow her on Instagram.

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