Circles, Semicircles and Some Triangles
Sabrina Puppin

Circles, Semicircles and Some Triangles showcases 5 pieces from the artist Sabrina Puppin’s “Circles, Semicircles and Some Triangles” series. This series is an investigation of the artist’s observation of reality and the distorted perception she has of that reality. The world as seen and known begins to dematerialize and the underlying spatial relationships disappear. Puppin suggests that reality and perception are two sides of the same coin in the way they interweave and coexist; as perception arises uniquely for each individual who is observing part of reality. The work is a negotiation between structure (vessel) and surface (fluid space), where the structure is the static and analytic (rational) component and the painted surface is the energetic and spontaneous (expressionist) component. As a choreographer, Puppin organizes color’s movement within space. The space’s proportions frame the action of color in a very unique and unexpected way, amplifying or shrinking different aspect of the painting. Through the use of hyper-colorful, shining, and overwhelming abstract arrangements, she depicts and investigates the distorted perception of the reality around us, aiming to express feelings and daydreams through work that wants to be felt, walked in front of, stared at, and dwelt on.

The paintings seek to reinstate the primacy of form and color as formal elements in works composed according to aesthetic principles. The work is about the individual perception of reality obtained through visual meditation. Puppin doesn’t want to add noise in a world already so disturbingly loud. She wants to add pleasant sounds, a music which helps to relax, meditate, and find strength to continue to live. The need for positive emotions in the world today has never been greater. Puppin’s work wants to create a visionary space where the viewer can live in and be dazed by unpredictable optical effects.

About the Artist 

Sabrina Puppin is an internationally exhibited artist. Many renowned venues internationally have showcased her work, including Museu Europeu D’Art Modern, Barcelona, Spain; Qatar Museums, Doha, Qatar; Kazakhstan Central State Museum, Almaty, Kazakhstan; Cluster and StartaArta galleries in New York, and other galleries and museums in USA, Qatar, Germany, Russia, China, Israel, India, and Italy. She participated at the 4th Bienal de Arte Barcelona at MEAM, 2022 and won the International Paris Prize 2022 for her artistic merit. She was chosen to represent the Italian contemporary art in 2020 and awarded a solo show at Al Gassar Gallery, Doha, Qatar. Qatar Museums granted her a personal retrospective at the Fire Station galleries, Doha, Qatar. She was awarded showcase in the juried art show COLOR by the juror Marcela Guerrero, Assistant Curator at the Whitney Museum of American Art and art show WIDE OPEN by juror Paulina Pobocha, Associated Curator at MOMA, New York. Puppin was guest artist at the celebration of the 300th anniversary of the founding of Saint Petersburg, Russia. She has exhibited twice at the Lalit Kala Akademi, India’s government-run national academy of fine art.

Puppin is the recipient of several highly prestigious prizes and residencies: International Prize Pegasus for the Arts, Venice, Italy, 1st Premio Donatello, Florence, Italy; 5th Leonardo Da Vinci International Prize, Museo della Scienza e della Tecnica, Milan, Italy (2023); Luxemburg Art Prize 2018, Pinacotheque Museum, Luxemburg, among others. She was selected as Artist-in-Residence for Expo 2015, representing Qatar at the prestigious event in Milan, Italy. Also, she was awarded two residencies at the Center for Contemporary Arts Afghanistan, Kabul, Afghanistan, in 2013 and 2014. The residencies were organized by the Turquoise Mountain Institute, and funded by the Qatar Museums Authority. Puppin work has been selected to be part of the next XIV Florence Biennale.

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