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Welcome to the timeless world of international jewelry designer Chus Burés. Over three decades of working in ateliers from Barcelona to New York, Burés has built his distinctive, boundary-breaking brand as an independent craftsman and valued collaborator with some of fashion, film, and fine art’s most lauded names. Driven by the links between design and symbolic adornment, Burés distills moments of history and stories of inspiration into wearable art for everyone.

Starting at a young age crafting jewelry from scrap pieces in his home of Barcelona, designer Chus Burés found power in turning something small into something eye-catching and important. With his sharp, whimsical eye, innate sense of taste, and understanding of the luxury world, Burés developed a following for his unusual — and unusually creative — style, which brings unexpected shapes and whimsical inspirations into dialogue as high-end design.

Chus Burés is known for his history of collaboration, thanks to his work partnering with notable contemporary artists like Louise Bourgeois, Carmen Herrera, Miquel Barceló, and Santiago Sierra, film luminaries like Pedro Almodovar, and high fashion houses including Loewe, Agnés b., Maurizio Galante, and Akris. His joint projects with these international brands have distilled their collective creativity into finished products that tell unique stories.

For his most recent chapter, Chus Burés has expanded his world with the introduction of CHUS X CHUS, a New-York-based brand that acts as an incubator of creativity and serves up fresh takes on classic pieces, including Burés’s own designs developed over the decades. With a local workshop and commitment to fine quality, Burés’s distinctive works are now available to a new generation of tastemakers.

Chus Burés may be followed on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. For further information or to schedule a viewing of the exhibition and pop up shop, please contact


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