Cellino V Barnes: The Play

A new comedy inspired by the true-life breakup of famous injury attorneys Ross Cellino and Steve Barnes.

Cellino v. Barnes tells the delightfully absurd story of two injury attorneys who chose to put their personal squabbles ahead of their billion dollar injury firm. The play explores the dynamic between two partners with separate visions of victory who — when they can’t get what they want — must choose between compromise and burning it all to the ground.

We sing their jingles to our kids before bed. We give their billboards a little kiss when we pass by. We leave milk and cookies by the fire for them on the eve of our court dates. But who are Cellino and Barnes? Find out at Cellino v. Barnes: The Play! Discover the lies, the backstabbing, and which one is the bald one. For more information visit their website here.


About the Artists 

Mike B Breen is a writer, director, and actor from Buffalo, NY living in Los Angeles. He is the co-writer, co-creator and co-star of the play, Cellino V Barnes. His short films have garnered tens of thousands of views. Rehearsal is Cancelled and James Five Stars, are currently playing on NoBudge. His documentary From One Guy to Another was featured in Vulture. His photography can be viewed in feature articles for Vice.

He has received several awards for his short film, Silver Girls, including Best Director at the Nevada Women’s Film Festival. He most recently shot, directed and edited a music video for platinum recording artist The Orion Experience.

For more information Mike follow him on Instagram.

David Rafailedes is a writer, director, and producer from Canton, Ohio living in New York City. He is a dual degree student at NYU getting his MFA in graduate film (Tisch) and MBA (Stern). He is also the co-writer, co-creator and co- star of the play, Cellino V Barnes.

His award winning short film, Never Been Kissed, has played at the Oscar Qualifying Cleveland International Film Festival. You can see him perform at the comedy show he co-created, Lo-Fi NYC, which features writers for Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers.

For more information on David follow him on Instagram.

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