Caribbean Summer
Delvin Lugo

Caribbean Summer is a solo exhibition of works by Delvin Lugo exploring and celebrating the LGBTQ+ community of Santo Domingo. After having left the Dominican Republic at the age of 12, Lugo was drawn to learn and explore how current queer existence is lived in the capital city. Initial research began by connecting through social media with local artists and activists. Visiting the island to meet the talent in question soon followed. Sessions were set with one main contact who brought their chosen family to be photographed as they enjoyed moments of conversation, libations, and dancing. Lugo builds this series utilizing photography and collage, while interpreting characteristics of the Rococo period. Vibrant colors parallel the energetic, creative, resilient, unique, defiant, and independent personalities. All pushed towards the viewer by the hot neon pink context, utilized here as a symbol of Caribbean heat.

About the Artist

Delvin Lugo (b. 1977, Dominican Republic) lives and works in New York City. He attended Maine College of Art where he studied art foundation for two years before moving to NYC to complete his studies in film at the School of Visual Arts. Upon completing art school, fashion styling became his creative outlet. Being surrounded by many creative designers inspired him to create and paint again. Delvin is a recent grant finalist of the Hopper Prize, and his work has been featured in New American Painting issue #152.

For more information on Delvin and his work visit his website and follow him on Instagram.

Delvin is located in Gallery 2

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