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CalmNYC is an immersive experience organized by Calm NYC and The City Firm to create a space for mental and physical reboot. It is a refuge to heal, providing treatments for PTSD, COVID-19 trauma, stress relief, rehabilitation with massage, acupuncture, and meditation. CalmNYC also proudly provide a treatment chair lounge at a range of approachable choices including ear seeds, distal points, TCM, auricular needling, a variety of modalities in massage and bodywork, or full treatment sessions.

CALM NYC’s interest in understanding over-stimulation, trauma and wellness amongst dense urban environments inspired CalmNYC, especially with the pandemic affecting and losing around 200,000 businesses and rattling the lives of so many more. Health practitioners, artists, and designers opened and started teaming up at the start of 2021.

About the Founders:

Molly Weiss, an interdisciplinary artist, curator and art educator based in  New York City. She has directed projects in galleries, schools and spaces throughout the New York/ New England area. Collaborations with Gallery 151, Sarah Nightingale Gallery, Bronx Children’s Museum, Bronxworks, The Bronx Museum, Gateway School Center Arts, and spearheaded ProjectART, “PowerPlay”, with WallPlay Director Laura O’Reilly was one of Weiss’ largest productions, conducting over 40 different artists mapped across 13 acres in Bridgehampton, NY, July, 2012. This project featured a program of performance art and large outdoor sculpture, based on the artist’s interpretations of Power.  The artist currently keeps her studio practice and is a licensed massage therapist. 

Tim Leung created XIX Collective LLC, a full sensory installation that captures light, sound, wind, smell and vibration. The Collective is established as a platform for collaboration.  Leung studied architecture and has worked with high profile branding agencies designing spaces for Sonos, Mirror and Allbirds. He has worked with renowned installation artists on installations for Audimars Piguet, Krug, Mont Blanc, Hermès and so on.  He was a member of NEW INC year 6 cohort, an incubator program for people working in the intersection of art, design and technology at the NEW MUSEUM. 

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The City Firm is a forward-thinking collective of industry leaders and entrepreneurs at the cross-section of culture, innovation, art, technology, design, retail, hospitality, entertainment, wellness, advocacy and real estate development. They offer advise on how space can be more dynamically utilized in both physical and digital environments. 

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