Book Related
Sheryl Oppenheim

Book Related is an exhibition of marbled papers and collages by Sheryl Oppenheim. As part of the exhibition, a section of the space will feature a rotating mini-exhibition of independent publishers – Precog Magazine, Faride Mereb / Ediciones Letra Muerta, and Everybody Press – encompassing archives, book projects, zines, artwork, poetry, fiction, and clothing.

The title of the exhibition, Book Related, refers to the connection between Oppenheim’s techniques and those used to make books – paper marbling, cutting, hinging, and gluing. Although her works on view are not books themselves, they are connected by material and construction to the craft of bookbinding. The title further refers to the relationship between Oppenheim’s work and the works of the participating publishers. The practice of making books is rooted in collaboration and community, and any space where the idea of a book is present ideally includes a multitude of perspectives.

Schedule of “mini” exhibitions by selected publishers:

Precog Magazine – July 5 – July 15

Faride Mereb / Ediciones Letra Muerta – July 19 – Aug 4

Everybody Press – Aug 9 – Aug 19

About the publishers

Precog is an independent magazine that explores science, technology, techno plastics, cyber culture and feminism. Precog will be showing issues of the print magazine as well as related t-shirts and ephemera.

Faride Mereb is a Venezuelan designer and artist based in NYC. She founded independent publishing house Ediciones Letra Muerta in 2014, with an emphasis on under-represented female poets. The Karmele Leizaola (1929-2021) project, which will be on view for three weeks, features the life and work of the first ever documented woman graphic designer in Venezuela.

Founded in Brooklyn by Alexandra Reed and Oliver St. John, Everybody Press publishes books of poetry and fiction as well as the literary magazine Everybody Press Review. Everybody Press will exhibit broadsides featuring the work of authors, collaborators, and friends, including a new visual companion to their newest book of poetry, my heartbreaking jibberjabber by Leo Romeo Valentino, with new designs by Craig Tilford and illustrations from the author. Featured as well will be broadsides designed by Everybody Press Art director, Lara Atallah, textiles by Everybody Press Audio Producer, Amon Ito, and much more!

About the Artist

Sheryl Oppenheim was raised in Orlando, Florida. She has lived in New York City since 2009. She is a paper marbler and maker of “illegible books”, books where the marbled paper is the content of the book, rather than being relegated to its normal function of decorating the inner covers. She began marbling paper in 2011, and began practicing Suminagashi, the Japanese form of paper marbling, in 2016.

In 2023, she will be included in the exhibition Pattern and Flow: A Golden Age of American Decorated Paper 1960-2000s organized by the Metropolitan Museum of Art Watson Library, at the Grolier Club, and a book by the same name, to be published by Yale University Press. She is one of two artists included in the book/exhibition to represent the potential of younger generations to continue the craft of paper marbling in America. Her work is included in numerous public collections, notably in the Metropolitan Museum of Art Watson Library, the Museum of Modern Art, the National Museum of Women in the Arts, and the Walker Art Center.

She teaches acrylic marbling and Suminagashi at the Center for Book Arts and the 92nd Street Y.

For more information about Sheryl and her work visit her website and follow her on Instagram.

Sheryl is located in Gallery 9

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