Body Vanity Pop-Up Shop
Lisa Arias

Body Vanity is a Latina-owned and operated bath & body brand. They offer handmade plant-based products using the finest ingredients inspired by nature. The business strives to make quality products for everyday living. Their pop-up experience allows customers to see, smell, & try products in person. It also allows customers to directly interact with the business owner and receive personalized recommendations. Body Vanity will be hosting workshops where they will provide information on natural products. The workshops will provide customers with hands-on experience in making their own products.

About the Business Owner

Lisa Arias, an NYC Native, studied business then worked in accounting at a car dealership. Shifting gears from car bodies to her own, she began focusing on her health and improving her eating habits. Then she asked herself, “Why stop eating junk yet continue to absorb it through her skin via chemical products?” She decided to launch her own company to create products with real, natural, healthy ingredients. Easier said than done: “It took so long to perfect my recipes. I failed batch after batch to get the perfect ones,” she says. She works to raise awareness about the chemicals in many commercial products while providing quality and affordability.

To connect with Body Vanity, visit their website,  Instagram, or Facebook.

Body Vanity Pop-Up Shop is part of Chashama’s Storefront Startup program, which is made possible by our partnership with the NYC Department of Small Business Services.

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