Ray Shredhelm, Ian Beattie, Aja Woodward

BIG is the collision of three different styles of people and art. An impact so BIG it’ll rattle the brain and wreck your eyeballs. You’ll feel your heart palpate in ways you never thought it could. You may feel giddy like a schoolgirl or angry like a Sunday preacher. You might even feel confused by your sudden feelings. It’s a closet so deep you just don’t know how or when you got there. Your parents warned you about these kinds of people. These weirdos. BIG is for artists who want to express themselves in their passion for creation. Society has simply believed these fellas placed themselves inside a box of those that don’t fit in. Misfits. But it is the contrary, instead, they are outside of the box and society is boxed in. An outside looking in perspective. These three individuals are the eccentric kind whose voices speak through visual interpretation. These are the artists that make up BIG.

About the Artists

Ray Shredhelm is the Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein for the punks in the New Jersey local scene. If you don’t catch him at a hardcore show or at your local hot rod meet up, you can find him building his Trash Mountain empire. Ray Shredhelm is all gas and no breaks.

For more information on Ray follow him on Instagram.

Ian Beattie is a local artist in New Jersey. He’ll tell you his name is just a curse word because of how outspoken he is. What it really is is the passion he has for crafting and screen printing. He is a modernist artist in the local punk scene.

For more information on Ian follow him on Instagram.

Aja Woodward the last of the three local artists in New Jersey. She is a transient being who has an eye for the world. When she’s not wandering around in the physical world, she’s bringing to life the intangible one. She is an illustrator, printmaker, and manifester. Every piece she creates is their own little world with a story to tell.

For more information on Aja follow her on Instagram.

Open hours
Saturday: 8am-5pm
Sunday: 8am-5pm
Opening Night
May 6, 2023 6:30pm-9:00pm
Gallery Closing
Jun 3, 2023 6:00pm-10:00pm
The BIG Finish. For those who missed the opening day we are welcoming you to stop by for the last time. Featuring original art work by Ian Beattie, Aja Woodward, and Ray Shredhelm in the main gallery.
The Matawan Studio Artists will also be opening their studio doors to the public. You will get to see beautiful works by Donna Kessinger, Jill Carlock, Jenn Tanay, and Jessica Demscak.
At around 7 pm there will be Hip Hop performances by The i Of A Genius, Action Figure, Kon Sweetie, Freddy Stone, and Beat Lampers.
We hope to leave you with something BIG to remember at Chashama Studios of Matawan. Art and music is what keeps the world go round. It’s important us to share as much as possible.
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