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Bibliomancy is a curated exhibition and storefront designed as a refuge for masked, weary walkers, curated with art, plants, ceramics, and used books, all for sale. Visitors are invited to look at mixed-media pieces by artist Miles Kerr, peruse through old books, shop for used plants, or if so inclined, sit down for a bibliomancy session. Two chairs, a safe distance apart, provide the setting for an intuitive reading which lasts approximately 10 minutes. Bibliomancy means “divination by book,” and it begins with a question posed by the visitor, which is then answered by randomly selecting a page from a beloved book. Through conversation and interpretation of text and art, marvelous conjunctions and meaningful coincidences are found, and a deeper understanding of the future is gained. Visitors are invited to bring their own books if they wish.

Bibliomancy sessions are a $5 donation and can be scheduled by appointment here, or if you are lucky, by walking in at the right moment. Artwork by Miles Kerr and pottery by Nina Watkins are for sale directly through the artists. All plants and books cost a nominal amount.  Proceeds of book sales will be donated to Housing Works and proceeds of plant sales will go to our friend Peter Martin, a downtown fixture and salvage artist who saves plants (and lots of other things) from landfills by finding them new homes, often in the community gardens throughout the East Village.

About the Curators: 

Hannah Miller and Nina Watkins met at Susan Cirigliano’s youth art class at the Art Students League when they were 11 and their first collaboration was a drawing that was exhibited at the Art Students League Gallery in 1985, though no trace of this work exists. Their 35-year long art partnership has included many collaborations and missed opportunities, including taking over a space on East 4th Street in 1995, silk screening in a bathtub at Bard College where they both studied art, and discovering the artist Sophie Calle while they worked at the Center for Curatorial Studies. In more recent years their ongoing conversations, sometimes months or years apart, have led to a closet of ideas which they have mined for this show.

This event follows all CDC guidelines on public gatherings.  Hand sanitizer must be used when entering. A maximum of 3 visitors in the gallery at once. Masks are worn at all times and everyone must remain at least 6 feet apart.

For more information, visit their website here.

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