Bespoke Headpieces and Wearable Art by Aviatrix NYC
The Aviatrix aka Michelle Palmer

“Bespoke Headpieces and Wearable” Art is the first public exhibition of wearable art by Aviatrix NYC. The Aviatrix (Michelle Palmer) creates bespoke crowns and headpieces. Part hat, fine art, sculpture, textile art and jewelry, these pieces weave archetypes, deities, empowered identities and historical figures, animal and nature spirits, into art for the head. Michelle uses luxury textiles, semi-precious stones and crystals, up-cycled decor and found objects, in her creations. Each piece expresses something unique and allows the wearer to experience a more empowered, expressed version of themselves; or gives voice to an inner aspect of the identity that might not otherwise be known by the outside world. Come try on a crown, headpiece or mask, get a photo taken, let something wild, powerful and beautiful inside you be witnessed and come out to play.

About the Artist 

Michelle Palmer is The Aviatrix. She has been creating original headpieces, crowns and wearables for a decade. Her art is inspired by Goddess and archetypal art, nature, circus, psychedelics, the 1920’s, burning man and festival culture, punk, and more. At the end of 2012, Michelle attended her first underground art party in Brooklyn and was inspired and transformed by the expressive, inclusive, highly creative community she discovered there. She realized that she could take the lid off her imagination and move from creating clothing to creating highly transformative, otherworldly crowns that transform the wearer into…whatever they can imagine. Within a year, friends and strangers were approaching her, asking for commissions. At Burning Man 2013, she became The Aviatrix. Since then, she has made over 100 creations, each one taking 1-4 weeks to create. She also teaches classes in headpiece creation. Michelle grew up in Oregon. She has been an actress, model, yoga teacher, Ayurvedic cooking teacher and mindful eating workshop leader, and gal Friday. She became a mom to a fierce, animal-obsessed little girl in 2018. She lives on the UWS with her family and splits her time between NYC and Portland, Oregon.

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