Open Studios at
Brooklyn Army Terminal


For one weekend only, Chashama’s studio hub at Brooklyn Army Terminal is open to the public!

Explore new works from 96 visual artist studios, interact with our talented studio artists, and wander through this historic Brooklyn Army Terminal during our Open House New York.

This event is done in tandem with Open House New York and The New York Art Residency and Studios Foundation‘s, Sunset Park Open Studios. Many arts organizations from across the neighborhood will be hosting events and open studios, so plan on spending the day and exploring the neighborhood.

Please RSVP for this event here. 

Participating Artists Include:
Julio Austria
Stephanie Beck
Leola Bermanzohn
Alberte Bernier
Brian Block
Jennie Booth
Jacob Brooks
Bruce Campbell
Tatiana Córdoba
Katherine Daniels
Paul DeMuro
Shiqing Deng
Yana Dimitrova
Melissa Eder
Nancy Elsamanoudi
Richard Fett
Jonathan Fischer
Nicholas Fraser
Isabelle Garbani
Eleni Giannopoulou
Christina Giuffrida
Howard Gladstone
Sydell Glasser
Suzanne Goldenberg
Dalit Gurevich
Clay Hapaz
Deming Harriman
Jamie Harris
Emily M. Harris
Josh Hartley
Chemin Hsiao
Luma Jasim
Sophia Kayafas
Amina Kerimova
Ji Yong Kim
Songyi Kim
Kostas Kiritsis
Noah Landfield
Kathryn Larkins
Chandle Lee
David J. Loncle
Pony Ma
Miranda Maher
Christina Massey
Stephanie Mastroianni
Sally Boon Matthews
Linda Lee Nicholas
Stephanie Norberg
Caleb Nussear
Jung Eun Park
Kenneth Parris III
Mitch Patrick
Beatrix J. Piesh
Dean Radinovsky
Kristin Reed
Monika Rosen
Barry Rosenthal
Tobin Rothlein
Kate Rusek
Allon Schemool
Liza Sokolovskaya
Laura Stein
Muriel Stockdale
Eric Strauss
Alex Sullivan
Garth Swanson
Ross Tibbles
Rosa Valado
Jeanne Marie Wasilik
Michael Watson
Jenna Weiss
Townsend West
Noah Xifr
Nan Xu
Monika Zarzeczna
Brian Zegeer
Jiawei Zhao
Steve Zolin
Jane Zweibel

About Chashama
Chashama supports artists by giving them space to create and present, while fostering community development through the arts. Since 1995, we have played a central role in fostering a strong artistic community in New York City by giving space to over 15,000 artists, hosting over 2,500 public art events, and reaching an audience of nearly half a million people. Our goal is to use art as a medium for change – a vehicle to build community, open doors to emerging artists, provide chances for people from different backgrounds to have a shared experience, create connections between people, and build new possibilities for opportunity and growth.

Chashama currently has studios throughout New York City, upstate New York and Matawan, New Jersey (including the studios at Brooklyn Army Terminal). By offering affordable studio space, our program supports the artists’ creative development and process.


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