Arts Brookfield Hosts Chashama at 350 Bleecker Street
Zahra Jlayer and Howard Gladstone

Two Chashama artists, Zahra Jlayer and Howard Gladstone, will create and display new works during their month-long residency at 350 Bleecker hosted by Arts Brookfield. Zahra Jlayer will perform her pour-technique for making paintings and hang the finished pieces in the space. Zahra loves fluid art and pour painting, through which she explores the beauty and complexity of a vibrant collection of colors. One can find energy, light and warmth in her paintings. She attempts to connect with people’s souls through her work and transfer positive energy to viewers.

Howard Gladstone will chronicle conversations with visitors to the space by drawing a portrait of them. He explains, “By creating quick sketch portraits of the people that I meet, and writing on the same piece of paper their intimate thoughts and preoccupations, what emerges from our time together is that my acquaintance becomes an active participant in the creation of a cultural history.” These portraits will be displayed in the space, accumulating over the month.

About Howard Gladstone
Howard Gladstone is known for creating innovative programs that enable artists and cultural institutions to work together.  He convened two conferences and co-founded a coalition in Chicago, to link independent producers with Public Television and emerging technologies, and empower its more than 500 members to voice commentary on issues that are often overlooked by mainstream media.

In New York City, he founded and directed the Portrait Project, to bring together accomplished painters and sculptors to portray one another and provide opportunities to collectively exhibit their work.

For further information about Howard, please visit his website:

About Zahra Jlayer
Zahra Jlayer is a physician pathologist currently residing in New York. Zahra grew up in an artistic environment: her dad was a self-taught artist and poet, and inspired by him, Zahra fell in love with painting.

While in medical school, she didn’t have peaceful time to spend on painting, but her immense desire remained alive. She satisfied her craving for art by curating exhibitions for her dad and her sister, who is also an artist. Following her graduation from a pathology residency in New York, Zahra found more time to go back to her passion. Working with microscope and looking at the human body at cellular level became her inspiration for the world of abstract art. Zahra finds the freedom in contemporary art appealing, and after her dad passed away, canvas and paint made her feel closer to him and sense his presence through her work.

For further information about Zahra, please visit her website:

About Arts Brookfield
Arts Brookfield invigorates public spaces through the presentation of free cultural experiences in Brookfield’s premier buildings around the world, located in the vibrant downtowns of New York, Los Angeles, Houston, Denver in the U.S., Toronto in Canada, and Sydney, Perth and Melbourne in Australia. By commissioning, producing, and presenting world-class works of art, Arts Brookfield supports creativity and innovation in the fields of music, dance, theater, film, and visual art. Visit for a complete schedule of events.

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