Artful Healing
Dana DeRobertis

Artful Healing is a body of work by Dana DeRobertis, featuring a series of images that have evolved over the past four years.

After taking a break following her college years to start a family and a career, DeRobertis began to sense that something essential was missing from her well-being. This realization prompted her to re-embark on her creative journey, delving into the inner self. This journey has been healing.

DeRobertis translates her perceptions and feelings into drawings, crafting images that reflect the happenings in her personal life, be they positive or negative. She also draws inspiration from nature, closely observing the world around her, and embellishing what she sees with lines and colors to convey her emotional state. Her designs are born from this fusion: of nature’s beauty and her current thoughts and emotions. Shapes and colors are abstracted, giving birth to entirely new visual expressions. She finds joy in working with vibrant lines and shapes, infusing them with life through shading and movement.

DeRobertis tends to embrace simplicity. Recurring imagery is sought out and deliberately incorporated into her work. It does not always need to be profound, but it certainly can be. It is about capturing the moment, being entirely present. This artistic process has its roots in art therapy concepts and has evolved through years of hands-on experience, both in creating art and in facilitating art therapy with her clients.

Artful Healing is viewable by appointment only. To book your visit, please email the date and time of your visit with your full name to

About the Artist
Dana DeRobertis studied Fine Art and Art Therapy at the School of Visual Arts in NYC and Art Therapy at Lesley College in Cambridge, MA. Most of her art is done with watercolors, chalk and oil pastels on paper. She currently works as the Life Enrichment Director in a long-term care facility and has shown her work in Highlands, NJ as well as Ocean Grove, NJ.

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