Are we there yet?
Amy Leah Wolf

Are we there yet?, is the first solo showing of the paintings of Amy Leah Wolf in the New York area, and includes more than 30 pieces she has produced in recent years. Wolf uses children’s’ drawings and paintings as a base for complex abstract compositions, which celebrate the raw and unrestrained art of children.

Many of the pieces draw the viewer to the edge and cradle of the canvas rather than the center, providing room for us to contemplate stillness amidst a relentless cacophony. The three-dimensionality of the works provides an ever-changing experience to the viewer, and allows for individual experience of the works, triggering viewers’ storytelling and problem solving instincts.

The title, “Are we there yet?” refers to the artist’s struggle to identify the brush stroke that completes a composition. Many of Wolf’s pieces have lived multiple lives, with obscured layers of collage and paint telling fleeting stories that will never be restored. The second meaning of the show’s title brings us back to childhood. The question, “Are we there yet?,” reminds us of children’s’ impatience and raw excitement, the same excitement that produces the collage elements used in these paintings.

25% of the proceeds during the Closing Reception will go to The Community Needs Fund in The New York Community Trust.

About the Artist

Amy Leah Wolf is an artist, mother, and worker who has put down roots in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. She finds inspiration and beauty in the spontaneous and heartfelt creations of young people, including her own. From the abstractions expressed by a toddler with a crayon, to the earnest cartoon character reproductions of a seven-year-old. Wolf uses these children’s drawings and paintings to create works using acrylic paints on wood. Her work is often three dimensional, with the works changing as the viewer moves. She also creates custom paintings for families that feature their child or children’s art.

Before this Chashama show, Wolf showed work with Carrie Able Gallery in Williamsburg, where she also completed an artist residency. She also curated and had work in RE:PURPOSE, a group show at the Living Gallery, Brooklyn. She has also been a featured artist by Bushwick Open Studio. In addition to being an artist and a mother, Wolf is also director of marketing at The New York Community Trust, the city’s community foundation.

For more information on Amy visit her website and follow her on Instagram.


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