New Work
Miriam Ancis, Fred Bendheim and Josef Zutelgte

An exhibition of new work—paintings and sculptures—by three artists; Miriam Ancis, Fred Bendheim and Josef Zutelgte.

About the Artists
Miriam Ancis has been sculpting for over 30 years, first using steel as the armature for plaster and encaustic pieces, and today welding steel as the works themselves. Most of Ancis’s sculpture engages the body metaphorically through size and line. Steel allows her to draw shapes in space, suggesting volume and hinting at what’s inside. Linear perspective creates the illusion of movement and casts these sculptures as drawings. By painting the pieces, the metal becomes something softer, like skin on bones. Her current work plays with basic shapes that peel apart, stretch and turn, challenging the authority of conventional forms. With seductive wit, this odd geometry adds the subjective to the abstract language of the work. The social and emotional charge of gender, religion and politics inform her work. Without being overtly political, Ancis’s sculptures meet the viewer in a manner that is open and friendly but also preposterous, unsettled, caught mid-step.

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Fred Bendheim was born in Phoenix, Arizona in 1956. As a teen-ager, he apprenticed with the modernist painter, Philip Curtis. Fred attended the University of California, Davis, and graduated from Pomona College, with a B.A. cum laude. He has lived and worked in Brooklyn, NY since 1983, maintaining a studio in Sunset Park. He is a teaching artist at The Art Student’s League, and other schools in NYC. Both a painter and sculptor, Fred has had numerous one-person shows, and his works are in collections world-wide:  The Museum of Arts and Design, The Montclair Art Museum, The Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, The National Museum of Costa Rica, The Neiman-Marcus Collection, and others. His sculpture commissions include two fountain/sculptures for Frank Lloyd Wright buildings. His painting commissions have been for some of the finest buildings in the world. As well as painting, he has made drawings, prints, collages, sculpture, and illustrations. His past art has taken the form of large room-sized installations, outdoor billboards with children’s art, sculptures, and fountains made with many materials, as well as mural-sized drawings. He has written numerous articles about art for the British journal, The Lancet. His art has taken him throughout the world, including several artist residences in Costa Rica and Berlin, Germany.

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Josef Zutelgte is best known for his sculptures and drawings, which transform his observations of human communication, human behavior or their activities into conceptually rich images. He has interest in systems and explores how things work together and how they develop into what they are. A reoccurring element, representing systems, in both drawing and sculpture is the net structure. The net creates order and strength by not being solid, it builds shapes and creates openings, which invite the viewer to intrude, by allowing thought to travel through and define a specific space. His work explores themes such as memory, mutilation, hubris, identity, touch, silence and power. He invites the unexpected and controlled accident into his working process to create unease, surprise, adventuresomeness, focus and aim to haunt the viewer.

Zutelgte has exhibited throughout the US and Europe, including, the Corcoran Gallery (Washington DC), Jack Tilton Gallery (NYC), In Khan Gallery (NYC), Lucas Schoormans Gallery (NYC), Roman Zenner Gallery (Germany), Konrad Moenter Gallery (Germany), University of the Arts (Philadelphia), Hunter College (NYC), and University of Hawaii. Awards include the Triangle Foundation (NYC – Residency), National Foundation of the Arts (Miami – Residency), and Art Development Grant.

Born in Germany, Zutelgte attended the Westfaelische Wilhelms University and received a MFA in 1983 and an MFA from the City College of New York in 2012. He studied at the Kunstakademie Muenster/Duesseldorf  with Norbert Taeusz. In 1986, Zutelgte moved to New York, where he currently resides and is an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

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