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The American Beatbox Embassy at Port Authority will be home to a diverse, ever-changing offering of musical performances, all featuring the world’s oldest and most versatile instrument… the human body. Beatboxing is the art of using the human instrument (voice, mouth, nose, lungs etc.) to create music and imitate instruments with elements of percussion, melody, harmony, lyrics and whatever else you can imagine.

Known as “The Fifth Element of Hip-Hop,” Beatboxing emerged in NYC in the early 1980’s alongside the other four elements – Emceeing, DJ’ing, Graffiti and B-Boy/B-Girl Dancing. American Beatbox (ABX) is partnered with the Official 50th Anniversary of Hip-Hop, and The Embassy will feature performances that highlight the other elements alongside a diverse group of Beatboxers.

Beatboxing is not limited to just Hip-Hop, and The American Beatbox Embassy will also feature a variety of musical performances that span genres, cultures, and musical styles. Each performance at Port Authority will be a unique one-time-only concert experience showcasing the myriad ways that Beatboxing can support and inform every imaginable style of music.

The Embassy will also present a series of educational workshops ranging from the basics of Beatboxing, improvisation techniques, and much more. Be sure to follow @american_beatbox on Instagram for an updated schedule of performances and workshops.

About American Beatbox

The American Beatbox Championships were founded in 2010 by lifelong beatboxer Chesney Snow in New York City, the birthplace of beatboxing. In 2015, he passed the torch to World Beatbox Champion Kaila Mullady, who built a team of beatboxers and music industry professionals to keep the flame of beatbox culture alive and help spread it to the rest of the world. Our team at American Beatbox believes deeply in the importance of supporting the beatboxers of today, while honoring the beatboxers and culture that came before it, as well as the generations of beatboxers in the future. We are dedicated to helping beatboxers reach their full potential, and connect with audiences worldwide via high quality content, merchandise, performances, battles and events.

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