We the People

“America” is a quartet of freedoms of expression. Serene Liberty is a roughly 52 minute long, 13-chapter video poem probing, with a digital handheld camcorder, our great land of liberty from its birth to its death in Latin stoic-centered verses. 50FREE! is an invitation to discover 50 free-admission and public sites that tell a story of America. Silent Auction is a Walmart-bought reproduction of The Declaration of Independence, half-shredded. 11:11 is a dynamic QR code that changes your perspective on life each 11:11 time stamp that occurs during the duration of this short-lived democratic experiment called “America.

About the Artist
Joe Poon is not only a working artist regularly showing on the East Coast, but is also a middle and high school art teacher trying his best to teach art through the democratic lens of building community, collaboration, fairness, and empathy. He might not have the solutions to this just yet, but… “[I] most certainly aim to help students understand common ground, each other, and most importantly the truth of themselves on a daily basis. As John Dewey proclaimed in his Democracy and Education, ‘If we teach today’s students as we taught yesterday’s, we rob them of tomorrow.’ Whether I have the “right” solution or not doesn’t matter, so long as I am creating as many opportunities for students to live democracy and equality in its many shapes and forms.”

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