Alive on Canvas
Nick Sider

Internationally-known hyperrealist artist Nick Sider opens his new show Alive on Canvas on the evening of November 30th at 7 E 14th St., New York, NY. Alive on Canvas will remain open to the public until December 2nd.

Sider brings his work to life through the use of acrylic paint. In Alive on Canvas, his first public art show since 2016, Sider will be showcasing his most recent series of signature Tiger Paintings, a tribute to his childhood obsession. Displayed in the show will also be a repertoire of portraits and wildlife paintings, demonstrating his love and passion for creating life on canvas.

About the Artist
Nick Sider is a self-taught hyperrealist artist based in NYC. He began painting in 2013 at the age of 25 without any formal training or schooling. Since then, Sider has developed an online following due to several viral videos of his artwork that resulted in millions of views. This has allowed him to connect with collectors all over the world.

For further information about the artist or to schedule a viewing outside of the public open hours, please contact Nick at or visit his website at He may also be followed on Instagram and Facebook.

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